Consumption - huge number of people include a chain of consumption - goods are produced, factories and plants that destroy the environment are produced.


Ecological - We now see that a huge number of natural disasters occur in arithmetic progression. This is due to the fact that the Planet has entered a destructive way and this destruction is carried out by those people who live on it.   


Diseases - as a large amount of consumption leads to diseases. A huge number of diseases arise and they arise earlier and earlier.


Political problem, which arises from the fact that there are environmental and psychological crises, due to the fact that the population cannot perform quality work, and this again leads to economic crises and all this is connected with a large amount of consumption.


The economic problem - increased consumption leads to economic crises, and they in turn trigger psychological crises, and they lead to an increase in consumption, and this is a vicious circle.

Early mortality - Early mortality, which is associated with the firsts problems due to the fact that early mortality appears, people cannot be realized and evolve; they do not have time. The body wears out quickly and dies.



How to solve all these problems?


The Research Institute of Transformation came to the conclusion that the solution to all four problems is to reduce consumption, the transition from a more dense type of food, from a more thermally processed type of food to a more harmonious diet.


Accordingly, by reducing consumption, we solve the problem of Aging, Disease, Evolution of Consciousness, the problem of Economics, and the problem of Ecology.  All these problems are solved simultaneously.


To include all these problems, one needs to switch to a lighter type of nutrition and change the attitude to consumption, and this will give the opportunity to be Healthy, Live Longer, and save the environment for self and descendants ...